BioLPG – A Greener Gas

Calor Gas Ltd are the UK’s leading supplier of LPG – or Liquid Propane Gas. They recently became the first energy company to supply BioLPG to homes and businesses across the country. BioLPG is Calor’s first renewable product and it is now available from Harringtons.

BioLPG, is chemically identical to LPG and is compatible with all LPG products, but this gas has a greener twist. This means that BioLPG has absolutely no compromise on performance, so it’s as energy efficient as LPG, whilst supporting us all to achieve a greener tomorrow.

Harringtons are proud to be a part of the new “Green Gas Certification Scheme”. This ensures traceability of all green gas delivered to, and used up by our customers.

BioLPG – your questions answered

What is BioLPG?
BioLPG is created from a range of feed stocks. Made from 100% renewable materials, approximately 60% is waste and residues, while the remaining 40% is from sustainably sourced vegetable oils. Sources include waste fat from the fish processing industry, palm fatty acid distillate, technical corn oil and tail oil.

Can conventional LPG be replaced by BioLPG?
Yes it can. The chemical structure is identical to conventional LPG, so you can run exactly the same appliances as you would with conventional LPG. It’s exactly the same gas, produced from renewable rather than fossil fuel.

Will BioLPG be offered to all customers?
Supplies of BioLPG will be limited to start, therefore we are offering it to selected applications and customers where the environmental impact will be most significant. Initially, this will be operators of forklift trucks (subject to size of fleet) and other heavy goods vehicles that can run on LPG.