Certain items – including most “Clearance Items” – cannot be delivered. In such circumstances you will be required to come to our headquarters and collect the item in person.

Collections can be made between: 7:30am to 4:30pm only.

If you are required to collect your order, please go to:

Harringtons Reading LLP

Blounts Farm
Blounts Court Road
Sonning Common

Tel: 0118 9242 888
Email: info@harringtonsreading.co.uk

We are open Monday to Friday between 7:30am to 4:30pm.

Collections can be made between: 7:30am to 4:30pm only.

Current Collection Only Items

The following items are for collection only.

Suspending Delivery

During very busy periods we are sometimes forced to suspend deliveries and ask customers to come into our depot and collect their purchases in person. This is often due to the fact that our delivery drivers cannot keep up with demand. During cold snaps, in particular, orders for heating products and Calor Gas can increase dramatically. At such times, our drivers can be making in excess of 100+ deliveries a day – and that’s still not enough! A backlog can accumulate and we are forced to suspend deliveries until it is cleared.

Please be assured we do not take such action lightly. The decision to suspend deliveries is only taken in exceptional circumstances. We fully appreciate this will cause our customers inconvenience but hope you will understand that as a small, family-run company we sometimes struggle to keep up with demand.

Sadly, when deliveries are suspended we are unable to make exceptions under any circumstances.