Temporary Suspension of Free Home Delivery

For many years we have provided free home delivery for most of our products with the exception of gas cylinders. Unfortunately due to unprecedented escalating fuel prices we have had to make the difficult decision to temporarily suspend this service. It is simply no-longer viable for us to provide free deliveries.

Changes to the national workforce in recent years has also drastically reduced the number of available drivers. As a result, the demand for delivery drivers is so great it has led to a rapid increase in salaries – an additional cost we must also bear.

Sadly, we have no choice but to pass on part of these increased costs to our customers. From today a small one-off £2 standard delivery fee will be levied on all orders that were previously delivered for free. The charges for delivering gas cylinders and sleepers remains the same. We will of course keep this enforced decision under review and will reinstate standard delivery if and when fuel prices reduce to make this a viable service once again.

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